Office Policies

Wildflower Natural Medicine Core Values include offering Ethical, Effective Healthcare that steers someone away from harm and towards health. Providers offer inclusive care for people of all ages, genders, races, ethnicities and sexual orientations. Providers make an effort to offer Culturally Inclusive care. This is a place of non-judgement. Providers will not tolerate hate or threats towards other patients or providers. Patients who cannot respect this policy will be dismissed from the practice. Please read below for other important policies.

No Show/Cancellation: This practice runs differently than large clinics. A designated time is reserved for you- more than twice the time that is normally reserved at a traditional medical office. The slots are not overfilled to allow time for full attention on you. Therefore, if you cancel less than 2 business days before your appointment or you No-Show, you will be charged a $150 fee. Patients with repeated missed or late cancel appointments (more than 3) will be dismissed from the practice.

Messages and Phone Calls: Wildflower providers will do their best to reply to messages and phone calls within 2 business days. This is not a substitute for a visit. If you have a new issue or many questions, you need to schedule an appointment to discuss these things. If a phone call goes over 5 minutes, you will be billed for a visit.

Appointment Urgency: If you do not see an appointment time on the online schedule that works for you, please call the office. It is often possible to get you in sooner if there is a time-sensitive need. If you are having an urgent matter, it may be best to go to an Urgent Care the same day. Wildflower Natural Medicine is not an Urgent Care office. Please note that Video appointments are shorter and therefore can often be found more readily on the online schedule.

Payments: Invoices for services rendered and for any cost that is not covered by your insurance (such as a copay or deductible), will be sent to you as an email invoice. If this invoice is not paid promptly, it will incur a late fee. Repeatedly late or unpaid invoices may result in dismissal from the practice. If you have any questions about your invoice, please send your provider a message.

No Narcotics: Wildflower doctors do not prescribe narcotic pain medications. If you desire these, you need to see a doctor who specializes in pain management.

Limited Controlled Substances: This is on a case by case basis. Not all Wildflower providers can prescribe these and they are not routinely prescribed. They are never prescribed at a first visit. These medications include a great potential for harm and therefore are used very sparingly. Please see a conventional doctor for these medications if you take them regularly.